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Innovation Theater

Welcome to the GE HealthCare Innovation Theater. Discover keynotes and interactive panel discussions on clinical insights, new technology advances, and more. Browse upcoming and on-demand sessions.
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Creating a world where healthcare has no limits.
A new era is coming, enabling better health with transformative technology. An era of new hope, new technology, and new approaches to delivering health to more people. Join us in person, or virtually, for a first look at the innovations that will transform imaging.
Personalization of prostate cancer care. Efficiency in patient management for tumors
(60 min) Join GE HealthCare for this important discussion with multidisciplinary prostate clinicians on how care teams can accelerate diagnosis to treatment of prostate cancer with efficient personalized risk assessments to improve equitable care, precision diagnosis, improved quality of life and better treatment decisions.
Dr. Mukesh Harisinghani, Director Abdominal MRI, Massachusetts General Hospital
Dr. Paulo Pfitzinger, Department of Urology, Ludwig Maximilians University Hospital Munich
Dr. Ilya Gipp, Medical Director, Oncology, GE HealthCare
Amyloid PET imaging: the value and impact in today’s landscape
(60 min) The value and importance of amyloid PET imaging is burgeoning in the context of new therapies entering the market. Join us for a discussion on reader training, site equipment preparation, coverage and reimbursement support, and more.
Suzie C. Bash, MD
Medical Director of Neuroimaging, Radnet, Inc.
How is Molecular Imaging at GE Healthcare different?
(60 min) MI is entering an era of major transformations. Are you ready? We are uniquely positioned to help.

In a rapidly changing MI environment, GE HealthCare helps enable precision medicine for personalized care by uniquely providing a comprehensive portfolio – from tracer development and production, premium imaging technology, deep learning-powered image reconstruction, and innovative post-processing and analysis digital applications – that delivers solutions across care pathways for more precise, connected, and efficient care across disease states.
June 26, 2024 12:00 p.m. CT
Meet imaging challenges with AI and deep-learning solutions
(60 min) Sponsored RSNA webinar

You know the importance of precision imaging to clinical outcomes; but staffing challenges, rework and inefficient workflows can get in the way. What if you could achieve exceptional image quality in less time without additional steps?

Join us for a free, one-hour webinar to learn how GE HealthCare’s Effortless Imaging portfolio helps to improve access to precision imaging.

GE HealthCare’s panelists of clinicians and industry experts will lead an engaging discussion on how deep-learning-enabled software and workflow solutions are revolutionizing image acquisition and reconstruction in MR, CT and PET/CT. Learn how you can improve workflows, from pre-scan to post-scan, highlighting efficiency solutions that can help you to work faster, easier and smarter while enhancing the patient experience and delivering the clinical insights you need.
Dr. Tiron C.M. Pechet, MD, Assistant Medical Director, Shields Health, Massachusetts, USA

Dr Antoine Leimgruber, Head of Nuclear Medicine Department at the Clinique de Genolier, Swiss Medical Network

Gregory Verbrugge, Global CT Clinical Marketing Manager, GE HealthCare

Moderator: Melissa Burkett, Senior Product Management Clinical Leader, GE HealthCare
Meet the Experts
(60 min) Daily discussions on the latest in radiation oncology held in booth.
Getting ready for neuroimaging in the new era of amyloid targeting therapies
(60 min) During this symposium, you will learn about Amyloid Related Imaging Abnormalities (ARIA) management and the evolving role of PET biomarkers in Alzheimer's treatment. You will also gain insights into current amyloid therapies and cutting-edge imaging advancements, that will help you determine your patient’s pathology as well as the right treatment path.
Prof. Frederick Barkhof, VU University Medical Center, Netherlands

Prof. Alexander Drzezga, University Hospital of Cologne, Germany

Anja Mett, GE HealthCare, Switzerland

Paul Evans, GE HealthCare, UK

Gold Corporate Symposium - Imaging at the speed of life
(60 min) Join us live to hear from peers and industry experts about the latest clinical and technical advancements in the field of MR. Speaker lineup to be announced soon – Sign up for updates to be notified as more details are published.
Derek Johnson, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology, Consultant - Division of Nuclear Medicine,
Assistant Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science

Julia Geiger, Senior Staff Radiologist, Head of Cardiovascular MRI,
Professor for Pediatric Radiology, University Children’s Hospital Zurich

Fotis Vlachos, Chief Marketing Officer, Global MR
GE HealthCare

Thomas Foo, Chief Scientist, MR Physics
GE HealthCare
Replay coming soon
More to explore with SIGNA™ MAGNUS*
(60 min) The realm of neuroscience has been frustratingly under-explored – but no longer. You can explore the brain in exceptionally high detail with GE HealthCare’s most powerful MR imaging device to date: SIGNA™ MAGNUS*, our dedicated head-only MR scanner. With HyperG technology providing nearly four times the gradient strength of conventional scanners, cutting-edge deep learning technologies, and advanced clinical applications, you can delve into uncharted realms of the brain like never before.

Disclaimer [-]

*MAGNUS: Mesoscale diffusion with Advanced Gradients for Neuro Ultrafast Scanning
**510(k) Pending at FDA. Not Available for Sale in the United States. Not yet CE marked. Cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with CE marking. Not cleared or approved by any global regulator for commercial availability.
***Multi-echo fMRI and AXDI are technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not CE marked. Not cleared or approved by the US FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability.
Multimodality cardiac imaging from diagnosis to therapy planning
(60 min) Explore cardiac imaging at our symposium! See how imaging guides treatments, from revascularization to addressing structural heart issues. Uncover multimodal imaging's role in precise treatment decisions and thorough heart evaluations.
Dr Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, United Kingdom

Prof. Gianluca Pontone, Monzino Cardiology Center, Italy

Perry Frederick, GE HealthCare, France

The increasing importance of imaging in the era of advanced cancer therapies
(60 min) Uncover imaging's pivotal role in advanced cancer therapies! Learn about early lung cancer detection and innovative imaging in prostate cancer management, guiding personalized theranostics for optimal treatments. Join us to witness imaging's power in shaping advanced care.
Prof. Annemiek Snoeckx, Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium

Prof. Evis Sala, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, Italy

Dr Ben Newton, GE HealthCare, United Kingdom

Dr Mathias Goyen, GE HealthCare, Germany

A successful ABUS program with review of latest clinical evidence for supplemental screening for women with dense breasts
(40 min) Learn about the risk stratified and personalized Breast Care program from Athina Vourtsis, MD, PhD. Her implementation and education strategies are best practice to deliver a successful program using Automated Breast Ultrasound for women with dense breast tissue. There will be an outline about the importance of advocacy, latest updates and the European expansion of
Athina Vourtsis, MD, PhD, Chief Director and Founder of Athena Medical, Athens, Greece
Founding President of the Hellenic Breast Imaging Society European Liaison and Member of the Medical Advisory Board of
Screening outcomes of supplemental Automated Breast Ultrasound in women with dense and non-dense breasts
(20 min) Although screening ABUS was shown to effectively depict invasive cancer, most studies were conducted in Western women. Learn in this session about the clinical outcomes when ABUS is implemented as a supplement to mammography in asymptomatic Korean women.
Ji Soo Choi, MD, PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
Building a successful breast ultrasound screening program
(30 min) Lisa Stempel, MD, shows how to design and implement a personalized precision screening ABUS program, which is tailored to each woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. Learn in this session the benefits of ultrasound using an automated technology as an essential screening tool for women with dense breast tissue.
Lisa R. Stempel, MD, Associate Professor, Chief, Division of Breast Imaging, Rush University System for Health, Chicago, Illinois
Introduction to AI in ultrasound – our solutions today and future vision
(15 min) The usage of AI in clinical care is very powerful to transform the way of interpreting and reporting ultrasound exams. Learn from Katelyn Nye, GM AI & Digital Ultrasound, about decision support and lesion recognition, automation of measurements and workflows to improve patient management and clinical outcomes today and in future.
Katelyn Nye, General Manager AI & Digital Ultrasound, GE HealthCare
Navigating through breast cancer with empathy and technology
(60 min) Spend an hour with us for a live “fireside chat” discussing how technology and innovation contribute to enhancing communication with patients, addressing their emotional needs, building trust, and, ultimately, leading to better outcomes.
Ellyn Winters-Robinson, Breast Cancer Survivor, patient advocate author & co-founder,
‘AskEllyn’ Conversational AI Patient Companion
Hosted by Dr. Ilya Gipp, Medical Director, Oncology, GE HealthCare
Replay coming soon
Explore photon counting CT with deep silicon*
(30 min) Clinicians rely on the information they receive from medical images – like those from a CT – to help them correctly diagnose patients, monitor cases, and make treatment decisions. It has been evident for decades that CT would benefit greatly from energy-discriminating photon counting detectors. Please join us to learn more about deep silicon detector technology for photon counting CT.

Technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability. This is neither an offer nor an agreement to supply the technologies. Cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with the Medical Device Regulation requirements for CE marking.
Amir Pourmorteza, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, Emory University School of Medicine

Nico Buls, Professor, Medical Physics, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel

Brian Yanoff, Principal Scientist, Radiation Physics, GE HealthCare
Celebrating 40 years of SIGNA™ excellence
(30 min) For four decades, GE HealthCare’s SIGNA™ MR has exemplified unwavering commitment to clinical excellence and groundbreaking MRI innovation, reshaping the medical imaging landscape. With a deep dedication to enhancing healthcare, we continue to delivering the “Signature of Excellence” to the world and spearheading transformative healthcare advancements.
New Ways of Working – Creating value on an age of increased complexity
(30 min) During ISMRM 2023, Yves Morieux talks about corporate transformation and leads the development of approaches to help organizations create the structural and behavioral groundwork for competitive change.
Yves Morieux, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Memorial to honor Professor Li Guozhen
(30 min) Professor Guozhen Li is a worldwide famous radiologist. She devoted her whole life to the development of Chinese Radiology and friendship between Chinese and American people.
She introduced the first Whole body CT, GE 7800 and first 1.5T MRI GE Horizon in China and built a bridge of communication between China and US in Radiological Conference.
Professor Guozhen Li was also awarded as RSNA Honorary Member and ECR Honorary Member.
Advancing Theranostics: New hope for patients
(30 min) Meet a very special prostate cancer patient, weeks from death, who received 177Lu as a last-ditch effort to save his life. Find all 6 episodes of “Tiny signs of hope: Advancing Theranostics” here.
Skeye™ Cybersecurity: protecting devices that enable patient care
(60 min) Learn how Skeye™, a cybersecurity solution, provides proactive monitoring across networked medical device end points. Combining people, process, and technology, Skeye helps support your organization’s data safety, profitability, and reputation for delivering care and protection where it matters most—your patients.
Leveraging alternative payment models in a challenging financial environment
(30 min) There is a growing need for alternative acquisition structures to create budget predictability and certainty in what has become a challenging operating environment for providers. We will discuss the current trends and challenges that healthcare providers are facing and how creative and flexible finance structures can help them meet their goals and enable long term partnerships with a vendor.
Mark Lombardi - Business Leader, GE HealthCare Financial Services US & Canada

Jeff Breen - Vice President Strategic Solutions, GE HealthCare Financial Services US & Canada

Dylan King – Vice President, Strategic Solutions, GE HealthCare, Healthcare Financial Services US & Canada

Replay coming soon
Focusing on sustainability and circular economy in radiology
(30 min) Climate action is an integral part of our mission to improve outcomes for people and our planet. Reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling are all ways GE HealthCare is helping to move towards a circular economy in healthcare, conserving resources and reducing our carbon footprint. Globally, we continue to advance a responsible approach by working to extend our equipment lifecycle.
Kelvin Sanborn, ESG Program Leader, GE HealthCare

Siva Balakrishnan, GM, Lifecycle Solutions, GE HealthCare
Simplifying patient imaging with OEC 3D
(30 min) Hear how OEC 3D with 2D and 3D intraoperative imaging is being used in a variety of procedures and streamlining overall patient imaging workflow.
Christian O’Connor, General Manager, IGT Surgery
GE HealthCare

Replay coming soon
Deep Silicon photon-counting CT technology*: Early results from Gen 3 prototype system at University of Wisconsin & Stanford Medicine
(30 min) Silicon detectors are promising candidates for photon-counting CT due to their favorable material properties, with the potential of enabling photon-counting CT with high spatial resolution, good energy resolution and favorable high-flux performance. In this GE HealthCare innovation theater session, hear from our panel of speakers as they discuss the physics of the Deep Silicon detector technology, explain the interactions that produce the characteristic response of the detector for a diagnostic workup, and its potential role in producing high-quality photon counting CT images and review the current status of this technology.

*Technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability. This is neither an offer nor an agreement to supply the technologies. Cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with the Medical Device Regulation requirements for CE marking.
Timothy P. Szczykutowicz PhD, DABR
Associate Professor University of Wisconsin Madison Departments of Radiology, Medical Physics, and Biomedical Engineering

Meghan Lubner, MD., Professor of Radiology, Abdominal Imaging and Intervention Section
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Brian Pogatchnik, MD., Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology
Stanford University School of Medicine

Adam S. Wang, PhD., Assistant Professor of Radiology, Stanford University
Novel tools for earlier stage lung cancer detection and treatment in improving survivorship curve
(30 min) Learn how to use imaging technology to enable a diagnostic shift from late to early-stage lung cancer. With more efficient lung cancer programs, implementing radiomics-based imaging data analysis, a new generation of intelligent tools, proven technologies like Low-Dose CT (LDCT), and CT-navigation for stereotactic needle guidance for biopsies, this panel will discuss radiologists’ ability to impact lung cancer staging today and into the future. The exchange will include evaluating patient risk, integrating radiomics, LDCT, AI and improved CT-navigation that can help radiologists as a key part of the multidisciplinary teams drive greater clinical outcomes and patient quality of life.
Stephen J. Hunt, MD, PhD, DABR, Interventional Radiologist, Co-Director, Image-Guided Interventions Laboratory Assistant Professor of Radiology at the
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Raymond U. Osarogiagbon, MBBS, FACP, Chief Scientist, Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation, TN, Director of the
Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Program and the Thoracic Oncology Research
Group, Baptist Cancer Center, and Principal Investigator of the Baptist Health
System/Mid-South Minority-Underserved Consortium NCORP

Dr. Anil Vachani, MSCE, Associate Professor of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Veteran's Administration Medical Center

Ben Newton, PhD, General Manager, Oncology Solutions, GE HealthCare
Replay coming soon
Exploring new frontiers in breast cancer screening: contrast mammography and the CMIST trial
(30 min)
Christopher E. Comstock
Radiologist and Director of Breast Imaging Postgraduate Training & Education, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA
Investor fireside chat with Peter Arduini, Jay Saccaro, and Joanne Wuensch - Tune in live, here.
(30 min) Tune in live, here.

Peter Arduini, President and CEO, and Jay Saccaro, VP and CFO, will participate in an investor Q&A session hosted by Joanne Wuensch, Managing Director, Equity Research – Medical Technology at Citi.

Certain GE HealthCare medical device products referenced in the video are FDA cleared, rather than FDA approved.
Peter Arduini, President and CEO, GE HealthCare
Jay Saccaro, VP and CFO, GE HealthCare
Joanne Wuensch, Managing Director, Equity Research – Medical Technology at Citi
Panel Discussion – Empowering Women in Leadership
(45 min) GE HealthCare and American Association of Women in Radiology (AAWR) present a panel discussion to cover the topics of personal-professional balance, avoiding burnout, overcoming the imposter syndrome, and generational leadership.
Elizabeth K. Arleo, MD, FACR, FSBI, FAAWR
Professor of Radiology
Weill Cornell Medical College

Catherine Everett, MD, MBA, FACR
President & Managing Partner, Coastal Radiology Assoc PLLC

Betty Larson, Chief People Officer, GE HealthCare

Jie Xiu, President & CEO, MR, GE HealthCare

Rachel Gilbreath, President, North East Region, GE HealthCare
Dual Energy Subtraction for chest X-rays: a variety of perspectives on uses and benefits
(30 min) Join us to hear from a panel of expert radiologists who will share their experiences using dual energy subtraction technology. They will touch on the various ways they have incorporated dual energy into their practices and the impact it has had on workflows and patient outcomes.
Abdulrahman Masrani, M.D., Cardiothoracic Imaging, Duly Health and Care

Robert S. Fournier, M.D., Vice Chair of Radiology, Department of Radiology, St. Luke’s University Health Network
Going beyond traditional HTM
(30 min) Join us as we discuss the value of equipment and service partnerships.
Dan Hurry, President of Advantus Health Partners
Panel discussion - Optimizing the radiology workflow
(30 min) This diverse and engaging panel will explore workflow challenges and how GE HealthCare's Digital Ultrasound Solutions are making an impact on clinicians' and patients' lives.
Ashley Repp, Director of Ultrasound, Western Operations; Radnet Imaging CA

Dr. David Fetzer, Medical Director; Ultrasound UT Southwestern Medical Center

Lauren Fazzolari, BS RDMS, RVT, Ultrasound Clinical Specialist; St. Luke’s University Health Network

Heidi Seerden, President, Ultrasound United States & Canada, GE HealthCare
Increasing access to care with Imaging 360 for Operations and AIR™ Recon DL
(30 min) Learn how Rede D’Or in Brazil is striving to increase capacity and access to care by utilizing Imaging 360 for Operations and AIR™ Recon DL to optimize MR scan times and reduce time between exams.
Pedro Henrique R. Quintino da Silva, MD, Regional Medical Coordinator, Rede D’Or
Improving patient care with CT platforming
(30 min) CT platforming helps radiology departments stay ahead of the technology curve through a seamless path to continuous scalability and upgradability that will take facilities into the future of CT achieving better clinical excellence, operational efficiency, high standardization and consistent patient care.
David Furman, MD, Medical Director - Computed Tomography
Chief of Radiology Services - Upper Bucks Campus
St. Luke’s University Hospital and Health Network

Mark Kiser, CT Clinical Specialist,
St. Luke’s University Hospital and Health Network

J Anders, VP of Computed Tomography, US and Canada
GE HealthCare
Keeping patients at the center of radiology workflow
(30 min) Patients are at the center of our healthcare solutions, and when patients are happier, clinicians are usually happier too. To enable a best-in-class patient experience, you need to look at the full context—the environment, the equipment, the (digital) information tools, and human interactions, along with the end-to-end imaging journey, from scheduling to results. In a collaboration between GE HealthCare and Affidea, we started to learn and develop tools for how to design for best patient experience that also brings benefits to staff, as well as the c-suite.
Daiva Adomaitiene, Country Operations Director, Affidea Lithuania

Nicole De Klein, Experience Strategy and Innovation Director, GE HealthCare
Breaking barriers in MR with deep learning
(10 min) At GE HealthCare, we are pushing the boundaries of MR technology and streamlining the scanning process through ongoing innovation. Our goal is to continuously break the barriers in MR.
Replay coming soon
Consumable waste savings and workflow efficiencies made possible through the use of CT motion™ syringeless injector
(30 min) Sustainability and workflow enhancement are at the forefront of radiology departments today. Join us to discuss how the acquisition of CT motion™ has made an impact at UW Madison’s radiology department.
Dr. Dustin M. Dunham, Head of Medical Affairs, Pharmaceutical Diagnostics, Americas
Giuseppe Toia, MD, MS, DABR, Assistant Professor (CHS) in Abdominal Imaging and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Breaking healthcare silos with regional diagnostic networks
(30 min) Discover the transformative power of decentralized healthcare as we bring care closer to patients and tackle challenges like data silos and interoperability through connected care. Join our Innovation Theater session to explore the key technologies driving connected care, including EHRs, VNAs, cloud computing, AI, and telemedicine platforms, facilitating real-time connections between providers, patients, and data. Featured panelists will share insights from successful implementations around the globe, highlighting the significance of interoperability and vendor neutrality. Learn why it’s key to develop a robust enterprise imaging strategy and how to do it, and embrace the pivotal role of connected care in healthcare transformation.
Shafique Shamji
President and CEO, OCINet

Penny Storr
Network Director, EMRAD

Dr. Iain Macleod
Medical Director, EMRAD

Brenda Segaria
Senior Product Marketing Manager - Solutions for Enterprise Imaging, GE HealthCare

Theranostics realities: navigating patient care complexity 
(30 min) Centered around the patient, this presentation discusses effective strategies and practices providers can employ while navigating patients through Theranostics treatments.
Dr. Delphine L. Chen, MD, Director of Molecular Imaging, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Replay coming soon
Transforming healthcare with technology innovation
(30 min) With 125 years in the industry, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of technology. GE HealthCare operates at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and strives to help solve healthcare challenges today and in the future. Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, Chief Technology Officer at GE HealthCare, will discuss how through our smart devices, disease state focus, and digital solutions, we’re helping to bring data together in the right place at the right time for providers, solving for inefficiencies in the workflow, enabling precision care, and improving care quality.
Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, Chief Technology Officer, GE HealthCare
Setting the pace for innovation in MR with deep learning
(30 min) Join the RSNA Innovation Theatre session for an exclusive presentation about the power of deep-learning technology enabling new heights of clinical clarity and speed in MR.
Melany Atkins, MD – Division Chief, Body/Cardiovascular Imaging and Medical Director, Advanced Cardiac Imaging, Inova Health System & Fairfax MRI Center, USA

Anja Brau, PhD - GM, MR Clinical Solutions & Research Collaborations, GE HealthCare

Celebrating CZT journey to 100K
(10 min) Join us in celebrating this CZT milestone and journey to 100K CZT modules manufactured as we continue to progress innovation in nuclear medicine.
Mike Rittman, Director of Marketing, GE HealthCare, USCAN MI
Replay coming soon
Innovation through partnership: bringing together data and insights
(30 min) Join Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Felix Nensa from University Hospital Essen and GE HealthCare’s Abu Mirza, Head of Digital Products & Engineering in this captivating discussion on how GE HealthCare is supporting clinicians on the journey to transform care. They will explore where radiology is revolutionizing how patient care is delivered and what challenges must be overcome. Learn how the radiologist is evolving into a clinical problem solver and what GE HealthCare has to enable our clinical innovation partners.
University Professor Dr. med. Felix Nensa, University Hospital Essen and Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Germany

Abu Mirza, SVP, Digital Product & Engineering, GE HealthCare
Radiologists as enabling partners in cardiology services
(30 min) Radiologists and cardiologists can collaborate towards best practices for patient, operational and financial outcomes. Learn why this is so important and what cardiologists are looking for from their radiologist peers from Dr. J. Jeffrey Carr and his experiences of success as a cardiothoracic radiologist with cardiology services.
Dr. J. Jeffrey Carr is the Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Radiology and Radiological Sciences and Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Informatics and Cardiovascular Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN USA

Beyond the visual: exploring quantitation in amyloid PET
(30 min) In this session we explore the importance of today's quantitative-based approaches to amyloid PET interpretation and a future that can provide new levels of diagnostic clarity.
Phillip H. Kuo, MD PhD
Senior Medical Director, Invicro, Professor of Medical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, and Medicine, University of Arizona
Discover the all-new SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™*
(10 min) We understand the importance of providing the very best care. That is why we built the SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™*. By pairing the industry’s most sensitive Time-of-Flight (ToF) PET detector and our most capable MR scanner with our AIR™​ technologies, your imaging department can get clarity and patient comfort with every scan. Disclaimer: *SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ is a premium configuration of SIGNA™ PET/MR. Not available for sale in all regions.
The impact of breast density standards on breast imaging practices
(30 min) This panel will discuss the latest density inform legislation and recommendations related to breast density and how this is influencing the daily clinical practice in breast imaging departments considering a multi-modality approach.
Elizabeth Morris, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology, University of California Davis

Georgia G. Spear, MD, Division Head of Breast Imaging, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Clinical Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Athina Vourtsis, MD, PHD, Chief Director and Founder of Athena Medical, Athens, Greece, Founding President of the Hellenic Breast Imaging Society

Mathias Goyen, MD, Professor of Radiology, Chief Medical Officer, GE HealthCare, EMEA
Replay coming soon
Optimizing and transforming workflow: unleashing the potential of foundational models
(30 min) Join this exciting session as Parry Bhatia, GE HealthCare’s Chief AI Officer, explores cutting-edge AI and machine learning advancements that are set to transform workflow across technologists, radiologists, and clinicians. Discover how the power of recent advances in AI/ML and generative AI can optimize processes and revolutionize your practice. Don't miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of medical innovation.
Parminder "Parry" Bhatia, Chief AI Officer, GE HealthCare
Taking MR neuroscience research & biomarker discovery to the next level with the high-performance MAGNUS gradient system*
(30 min) In this presentation you will hear about the increasing relevance of high-performance gradient MR systems in the field of neuroscience and neuroradiology research.

*Technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability.
Thomas Foo, PhD​, Chief Scientist – MR Physics, GE HealthCare​

Vince Magnotta, PhD​, Director of MR Research Facility and Professor, University of Iowa​

Suchandrima Banerjee, PhD​, Senior Director – Neuro MR, GE HealthCare​

Rob Peters, PhD​, Product Manager – Research MR, GE HealthCare​
SIGNA™ Champion is here for all
(5 min) We believe everyone deserves equal access to the best overall MRI experience possible. That’s why we’re introducing SIGNA™ Champion, our latest wide bore 1.5T MRI to provide unparalleled access to exceptional diagnostic precision and uncompromised comfort for every patient, everywhere. SIGNA™ Champion is powered by advanced technologies like AIR™ Recon DL and AIR™ Coils. It also provides natural patient positioning, even for the most challenging cases. These breakthrough technologies not only improve the experience for the patient but also for clinicians and technologists. *SIGNA™ Champion is Pending 510k clearance with the U.S FDA. Not CE Marked. Not available for sale in all regions.
Replay coming soon
Leveraging the power of ultrasound to improve non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of hepatic disease
(30 min) A discussion of the efficacy of using shear wave elastography, hepatic fat quantification, and advanced Doppler as everyday tools to improve the specificity of findings in hepatic disease.
Terri Williams-Weekes, MD,
Division Chief Pediatric Radiology, Tufts Children's Hospital
Director Adult and Pediatric Ultrasound, Tufts Medical Center
Maximizing cardiac MRI productivity: efficiency and accuracy in cardiac imaging
(60 min) Join us for an enlightening webinar designed to empower cardiac imaging with Dr. Makoto Orri from Iwate Medical University, highlighting how to maximize efficiency and accuracy in Cardiac MRI.
Embark on a journey of transformation that will reshape your approach to cardiac MRI imaging. Reserve your spot today.
Makoto Orii, MD, PhD, Department of Radiology, Iwate Medical University, Iwate, Japan
Revolutionizing CT experience from referral to report
(60 min) At GE HealthCare, we are constantly striving for the next innovation to help our customers work better. That’s why we began designing and developing a solution to streamline the entire CT process, to help to provide an improved, seamless scanning experience, automating and applying advanced technologies like AI and deep learning algorithms: we called it Effortless Workflow and it’s designed to transform the way CT is done, from radiologist, technologist, administrator and patient perspective.
Mario Carcano, Global Marketing Director for CT, GE HealthCare
Adoption and perception towards utilizing AI as a concurrent read for endotracheal tube detection amongst physicians and radiologists
(60 min) Listen to ICU physicians and radiologists as they share their experiences with AI-powered ET tube detection and measurement, and how it has positively impacted their clinical workflow.
Amit Gupta, MD, Cardiothoracic Radiologist and Modality Director, University Hospitals Cleveland
Medical Center
Theranostics: The future of personalized care and precision medicine
(60 min) Healthcare is personal, and treatment should be too. Join your peers and leadership from GE HealthCare to hear how advances in precise diagnostics and therapies are evolving to deliver Theranostics. Theranostics is providing a pathway to hope by expanding into routine clinical practice. With our comprehensive solutions that connect every step in molecular medicine, we’re helping to create a world where healthcare has no limits.
Elfareato Remekie, Vice President, Oncology Solutions, United States & Canada, GE HealthCare

Shari Manuel, Vice President, Molecular Imaging, United States & Canada, GE HealthCare

Chris Heble, Senior Director, Molecular Imaging Strategy, United States & Canada, GE HealthCare
Smarter equipment management using AI and analytics
(60 min) Learn how our OnWatch™ Predict and Tube™ Watch services help enhance patient experience and improve the GE HealthCare product uptime.
Sabih Zaman, Executive – Product Management, GE HealthCare

Jean Michel Gard, Senior Product Manager, GE HealthCare
Theranostics: the future of personalized care and precision medicine
(60 min) Our panel of experts will share experiences of how our customers are integrating Theranostics into their clinical practice.
Elfareato Remekie
Vice President, Oncology Solutions
United States & Canada, GE HealthCare

Shari Manuel
Vice President, Molecular Imaging
United States & Canada, GE HealthCare

Chris Heble
Senior Director, Molecular Imaging Strategy
United States & Canada, GE HealthCare

Life-speed imaging with Sonic DL™
(60 min) Shift the paradigm of acceleration in MR imaging with Sonic DL™: scans that match the speed of the human body.

In MR, long scan times mean imaging is compromised by the body's movement. Until now. Deep learning, when applied to scan time reduction, turns minutes into seconds, offering CT-like swiftness with MR-like quality.

Built upon the ground-breaking success of AIR™ Recon DL, our first pioneering deep-learning reconstruction innovation, Sonic DL™ follows boldly in its footsteps, advancing our mission to revolutionize MR. Acceleration with Sonic DL™ equips your scanner with the ability to match the speed of the human body, enabling image acquisitions that were previously not possible.

Watch the film to see how life-speed imaging with Sonic DL™ can transform your department.
Replay coming soon
Photon-counting silicon detectors for x-ray CT: technology and future prospects
(30 min) Disclaimer:
Technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale. Not cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA or any other global regulator for commercial availability. This is neither an offer nor an agreement to supply the technologies. Cannot be placed on the market or put into service until it has been made to comply with the Medical Device Regulation requirements for CE marking.
Mats Persson - Stockholm, Sweden
Imaging at the speed of life
(60 min) Breaking barriers in MR with more advances in deep learning. GE HealthCare has propelled the world of MR forward, and we continue to build upon our innovations. With transformative technologies, we’re on a mission to keep breaking barriers in MR.

Watch our Gold Sponsor Lunch Symposium re-broadcast to learn more about our latest advances in deep-learning.
Entering a new era in image resolution with deep-learning imaging reconstruction
(20 min) Join us to learn how deep-learning image reconstruction is enabling high image quality and helping improve patient outcomes. GE HealthCare is committed to furthering innovation in deep-learning capabilities across imaging to make an impact in the radiology department, providing more insights for increased clinical-decision support.
Scott Miller, Chief Marketing Officer of Imaging,
GE HealthCare

Sonia Sahney, Chief Marketing Officer, Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography, GE HealthCare

loannis Panagiotelis, PhD, Chief Marketing Officer, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, GE HealthCare

Andrew J. DeLaO, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, U.S. & Canada, GE HealthCare
Keynote: Evolving the promise of precision medicine with theranostics
(20 min) Join leadership from GE HealthCare to discuss how advances in more precise diagnostics and therapies are evolving to deliver theranostics. Theranostics can help to address today’s challenges in oncology, providing a pathway to hope. Although for some, theranostics is a new service line, it is rapidly expanding, showcasing the need to improve access into routine clinical use. Our Total MI for Theranostics is one step forward to achieving this vision.
Ben Newton, General Manager, Oncology, GE HealthCare

Jamie McCoy, General Manager, Theranostics, GE HealthCare

Jean-Luc Procaccini, President & CEO, Molecular Imaging & Computed Tomography, GE HealthCare.

Erez Levy - Executive Director – General Manager, Molecular Imaging, GE HealthCare
Keynote: The role of ultrasound in radiology and beyond
(20 min) Hear from Roland Rott on how GE HealthCare is advancing ultrasound and making healthcare smarter and more efficient.
Roland Rott, President and CEO, Ultrasound,
GE HealthCare
Extraordinary image quality without compromise: AIR™ Recon DL
(20 min) With an estimated 10 million+ patients scanned*, AIR™ Recon DL has revolutionized MR imaging with its deep-learning-based image reconstruction for sharper, clearer, and accurate images – captured in up to 50% less time. That’s just the beginning! Watch this RSNA session to hear from your peers about AIR™ Recon DL’s evolution.

Disclaimer: *Calculated using IB data with an estimation of 20 scans per day, 5.5 days per week, from 4 weeks after delivery to May 2023.
Jason Polzin, PhD - GM, MR Applications Platform and Research Technologies, GE HealthCare

Melany Atkins, MD - Division Chief, Body/Cardiovascular Imaging and Medical Director, Advanced Cardiac Imaging, Innova Health System & Fairfax MRI Center

Yazan Kaakaji, MD - Section Chief, MSK Division - Duly Health and Care
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